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I’ve shot farmers in America’s heartland and interviewed sports stars in London, Barcelona and Dubai. I’ve crossed Kenya on a motorcycle, shooting film while getting stung by African bees. From Baja Mexico, I brought back 18 days of film and cut it into an award winning 20-minute documentary. Between it all, I’ve shot models, Dos Equis bottles, world class waves, and a guy wielding a really big ax.



Content is a whole new world, where run-­and-gun smashes head-on into quality production. You have to be able to do both at the same time. Not everyone can. But that’s where I’m in my element. As a director, cinematographer, and editor I approach projects holistically. I’m cutting as I look through the viewfinder, putting things together in my head before they’re ever shot. It saves time, money and headaches down the road. I also like to work as part of a team, figuring things out in close collaboration with other creatives. Either way, whether leading a crew or supporting someone else’s vision, I always put the project first. That I promise you.

My passion is storytelling, and I’ve done it for some of the best brands in the world. Reebok, Google, EA Sports and Carnival have sent me around the globe. GOOGLE WALMART EA SPORTS SONY REEBOK LULULEMON SEGWAY RADICAL MEDIA


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